Buffalo Breeds

Conventional Semen Buffalo Breeds

Buffalo breeds that are found in India can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization. This indicates that buffalo breeds in India have been built for over 5000 years.  Researchers over the years have reported that the Indus valley civilization has served best for breeds of buffalo because they required moderate rainfall and good converter of agro waste into quality milk.

The best buffalo breeds in India are accountable for their milk and fat production, as they yield more than two times compare to Indian cows. Various online publications have also reported that buffalo breeds in India yield 49 percent milk of the total milk production throughout the country.

Our Best Selection

We source and maintain the best buffalo bulls of various breeds reared for enhancing the milk production and survive under different agro ecosystem from the respective breeding tract of various buffalo breeds. Buffalo breeding bulls are sourced from Central Herd Registration Scheme (CHRS).

Presently we freeze the conventional semen of buffalo breeds like Murrah, Surti, Jaffarabadi, Bhadavari, Banni, Pandharpuri, Nilli-Ravi, Nagpuri & Mehsana .

Semen Collection Buffaloes

Nowadays, the Semen of different buffalo breeds available at conventional Semen Freezing laboratory, which follows all Minimum Standard Protocol (MSP) set by Government of India. The Conventional Buffalo semen in French mini straws containing 20 million sperms in each straws.


The conventional semen of majority of the Indian buffalo breeds is available at single source with affordable price. We have 9 buffalo breed semen available at our semen bank which fulfills the requirement of farmers from various agro-climatic conditions of the country.