Conventional Semen Nagpuri Bulls

Nagpuri is also known as Berari, Gaorani, Puranthadi, Varhadi, Ellichpuri, Gaolavi, Arvi, Gaolaogan, Gangauri, Shahi, Chanda, used for milk as well as draft purpose. It is originated from Nagpur district and its aligned area of Maharashtra. Akola, Nagpur, Amravati, Yavatmal, Wardha, and Nagpur district of Maharashtra is its breeding track. These buffaloes are used for heavy draft purposes. Farmers prefer this breed due to its low maintenance cost, the efficiency of feed conversion, moderate production, and better adaptation to local climatic conditions. It is a black-colored animal with white patches on the face, legs, and tail tips, Puranthadi strain is slightly brownish. The horns are flat, curved, and carried back on side of the neck nearly to shoulders like a pair of swords, horn tips pointed, upward in orientation mostly. Horns are heavier in males than in females. Horns are long (50-65 cm). Nagpuri Buffaloes has average body length 122 cm, height at wither 135 cm and chest girth 170 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1600 days, lactation length 290 days and inter-calving period 510 days. This breed has an average of 1200 kg of milk production per lactation.

Bull NameBreedBull No.UIDBirth DateDam No. / NameDam’s Std. M. Y. (kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID