Buffalo Breeds

Sex Sorted Semen Buffalo Breeds

Buffalo sex sorted semen is the need of hour which benefits the farmer community to hasten the production of replacement heifers, lesser dependency on purchase of heifers, less male calves, rapid increase in milk production, better use of constrained feed, fodder resources, etc.

Use of Buffalo sex-sorted semen will result in the birth of heifer calves 90% of the times in contrast to non-sexed semen, which could result in birth of female calves only in 50% of the times either natural service (NS) or use of Conventional semen for Artificial Insemination (AI) . The additional heifer calves will help to expand the buffalo dairy herd in a faster pace compare to use of conventional semen.

At present we produce the Sex Sorted Semen of buffalo breeds like Murrah, Jaffarabadi, Pandharpuri, and Mehsana.


At BAIF Semen Station, Buffalo Sex Sorted Semen of Murrah, Jaffarabadi, Pandharpuri, and Mehsana breedsĀ produced by sexedULTRA technology which is presently available. If you want to know more about the buffalo sex sorted semenĀ pricing , get connected to us right away.

Sex Sorted Semen of Buffalo Breeds