Ganjam Breed

Ganjam is a dual-purpose breed also known as Dalua, Baigani, Gola Goat, Lanka Goat. Gola tribe has developed this breed. Named after its place of origin i.e. Ganjam district of Odisha. Ganjam, Raygada, Gajapati, Khurda, Nayagarh districts of Odisha are breeding tracts of this breed. This breed is Black or Brown-black. White, brown, and spotted animals are also found. The horns are twisted and curved. Long up to 50 cm in many cases, parallel, and pointed backward and upward. The males usually have beards, convex head, long and drooping ears, wattles in both sexes is peculiar characteristics of this breed. The average body weight of this breed is 35.5 and has 65 Kg of milk yield per lactation.

Name of BuckTag NoDate of BirthBreedPuculiaritySource of Buck
GURU [GT]3504-06-2019GanjamTripletsFarmer
GALIB [GT]3627-05-2019GanjamTripletsFarmer
GLOB [GT]3730-05-2019GanjamTripletsFarmer
GOPINATH [GT]3817-04-2019GanjamTripletsFarmer
GABBER [GT]3914-05-2019GanjamTripletsFarmer
GANRAJ [GT]4119-04-2019GanjamTripletsFarmer