Conventional Semen Mehsana Bulls

Mehsana is a milch breed, also known as Mahesani. Mehsana is derived from the town of Mehsana in North Gujrat. The breed is considered to be a cross between Surti and Murrah. Typical animals are seen in the towns of Mehsana, Patan, Sidhpur, Vijapur, Kadi, Kalol, and Radhanpura. It is also found in Ahmedabad, Banas Kantha, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Sabra Kantha of Gujrat. It is mostly black, a few animals are black-brown, or brown. The horns are generally sickle-shaped with the curve more upward than in the Surti breed and less curved than in the Murrah breed. They are generally bent downward and then take a curve like the horns of a ram. The eyes are very prominent, black and bright bulging from their sockets with folds of skin on upper lids. The breed is known as a persistent milker and regular breeder. Mehsana Buffaloes has average body length 147 cm, height at wither 129 cm and chest girth 198 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1200 days, lactation length 300 days and inter-calving period 450 days. This breed has an average of 1800 kg of milk production per lactation.

Name of BullBreedUIDBull No.Birth Date
Dam No. / NameDam’s Std. M. Y. (kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID