Sex Sorted-Semen Tharparkar Bulls

Tharparkar is a milch-purpose breed also known as White Sindhi, Grey Sindhi, Thari. The name of Tharparkar has been derived from the place of its origin i.e. the Thar desert. Tharparkar animals are found along the Indo-Pak border covering Barmer, Jaiselmer, Jodhpur of Western Rajasthan, and up to Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. This breed is well adapted to the harsh agro-climatic conditions of the Thar desert. The Animals are white or light grey. Face and extremities are of a darker shade than the body. In bulls neck, hump, and fore and hindquarters are also dark. The horns are set well apart curving gradually upward and outward in the same line as that of the poll, with blunt points inclined inward, moderately thick at the base i.e.12.5 – 17.5 cm in circumference just above the skin. 


In males, horns are thicker, short. The forehead is Convex. This breed is 1,868 kg of average milk production per lactation. Tharparkar cow has average body length 136.4 cm, height at wither 122.6 cm and chest girth 161.9 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1,230 days, lactation length 285 days and inter-calving period 452 days.

Name of BullTag No.UIDDOBBreedDam No. / NameStd. M.Y. (Kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID
FAUNA [SSS]813334007572144327.08.16Tharparkar670531844.77237BAF-FAUNA
FAITHFUL [SSS] 8337004457086524.07.15Tharparkar83005.84.81BAF-FAITHFUL