Sex Sorted Semen Sahiwal Bulls

KundanThe Sahiwal breed derives its name from the Sahiwal area in the Montgomery district of Punjab (Pakistan). This is also a milch purpose breed also known as Lambi Bar, Lola, Montgomery, Multani, and Teli. The breeding tract spread over Fazilka, Abohar, Ferozepur districts of Punjab, and Ganganagar of Rajasthan. It is one of the best dairy breeds of zebu cattle. It is being utilized for the improvement of local stock. It is brownish-red in color, shades may vary from a mahogany red-brown to more greyish red. In bulls, extremities like shoulder, hump and rump are darker than the rest of the body color. Occasionally there are white patches on the body. 


The horns are stumpy and short to medium running outwards, upwards, and then inwards. Pale red color, short horns, and loose skin are prominent characteristics of this breed. This breed has an average of 2,236 kg milk production per lactation. Sahiwal cow has average body length 131 cm, height at wither 124 cm and chest girth 164 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1,267 days, lactation length 315 days and inter-calving period 475 days.

Name of BullTag No.UIDDOBBreedDam No./NameStd. M.Y. (Kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID
KARIM [SSS]SW-237001136610405.02.08SahiwalLakshmi48005.1NDRI-1050BAF-KARIM
KAYAMAT [SSS] SW-337001136614816.01.10SahiwalMeera3600NARajuBAF-KAYAMAT
KUMBH [SSS]SW-137001136611527.04.07SahiwalSeeta44005.8KL1000 NDRIBAF-KUMBH