Sex Sorted Semen JR 100% Bulls

It is a milk purpose breed that originated from the Island of Jersey, a small British island in the English Channel off the coast of France. These animals are relatively a smaller-sized dairy cattle breed. Jersey animals occur in all shades of colour like brown, from light tan to almost black. They are frequently fawn in colour. All purebred Jersey animals have a lighter band around their muzzles, a dark tail switch, and black hooves, although, in recent years, colour regulations have been relaxed to allow a broadening of the gene pool. They have relatively long-sized heads. These breeds usually have thin and curved horns.

The breed is highly productive, the cows of this breed may give over 10 times their weight in milk per lactation. The milk contains high butterfat and has a characteristic yellowish tinge. The Jersey cow body weight ranges from 400 to 500 kilograms.

Factors contributing to the popularity of the breed are;

  1. The ability to carry a larger number of effective milking cows per unit area due to lower body weight, hence lower maintenance requirements, and superior grazing ability
  2. Calving ease and a relatively lower rate of dystocia leading to their popularity in crossbreeding with other dairy breeds.
  3. High fertility compared with Holstein Friesian cows
  4. High butterfat and protein content in the milk 
  5. The ability to thrive on locally produced feed and
  6. The docile and calm nature of cows

Name of BullTag No.UIDBirth DateDam No. / NameDam’s std.M.Y. (Kg.)Fat%SireSire’s Dam Best M.Y. (Kg)INAPH ID
JORAWAR [SSS] (ET)T-50637000728424011.06.16D-Hautpre BT Fleecy-ET (R-Q-408)90615.3Estran Random ET (JECANM105760841)BAF-JORAWAR
JAYKUMAR [SSS] (Imported)35937275137004457291822.04.16359370240583596.64460305338 (VJ Drostrupgaard Lure Lusaka8924BAF-JAYKUMAR
JUNAID [SSS] (ET)T-50837000728422729.07.16D-RJE Belle’s Inspiration (R: R-406)75985.2Estran Random ET (Jecanm105760841)BAF-JUNAID
JORDAN [SSS] (Imported) J35937265637004456908506.10.15359370232674265.962698602502 (VJ Ellely Tukam Torro)6453BAF-JORDAN
JAGRUKH [SSS] (Imported)128310459837004456931414.09.16128310420280065.734363901837 (VJ Birkelygaard Land Lago)9222BAF-JAGRUKH