Conventional Semen Red Sindhi Bulls

This breed has original breeding tract is in Pakistan but some organized herds are available in Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Kerala, and Assam states of India. Red Sindhi is a milch purpose breed also known as Malir (Baluchistan), Red Karachi, and Sindhi. Red Sindhi is considered to have originated from Las Bela cattle found in the state of Bela, Baluchistan. This breed has a distinctly red color. Red shades vary from dark red to dim yellow. Though patches of white are seen on dewlap and sometimes on the forehead, no large white patches are present on the body. In bulls, the color is dark on the shoulders and thighs. The horns are thick at the base and emerge laterally and curve upward.

red sindhi

The Red Sindhi cow has average body length 123.66 cm, height at wither 119.46 cm and chest girth 162.43 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1,382 days, lactation length 291 days and inter-calving period 385 days. The average milk production of this breed is 1,552 kg per lactation.

Name of BullTag No.UIDDate of BirthBreedDam No. / NameStd. M.Y. (Kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID
KSHAMA270/11137001136666212.02.11Red Sindhi131.39933864.9Ronak. NDDBBAF-KSHAMA
KSHITIJ*974/21037001136665130.05.10Red Sindhi131.39933864.9Raghu.NDDBBAF-KSHITIJ
KSHANIK977/21037001136663803.06.10Red Sindhi131.39933864.9Raghu.NDDBBAF-KSHANIK
KSHATRIY947/20937001136662701.06.09Red Sindhi196.3043290NARaghu (NDDB)BAF-KSHATRIY
KSHANAN257/21037001136667312.06.10Red Sindhi203.40527865.1RaghuBAF-KSHANAN
KSHIRSAGAR262/31037001136660528.08.11Red Sindhi181/30327245.1RaghuBAF-KSHIRSAGAR
KSHETRAPAL*0029/uldb16.07.11Red Sindhi193.2042671NARaghuBAF-KSHETRAPAL