Conventional Semen Red Kandhari Bulls

Red Kandhari is a dual-purpose breed also known as Lakhalbunda. The breed could have been named by Raja Somdeori in memory of his father Raja Kanhar as Red Kanhari, now misnomered as Red Kandhari. This breed having red color and is common in Kandhar tehsil of Nanded district also naturally acquires the name Red Kandhari. Pure Red Kandhari animals are found in Kandhar, Mukhed, Nanded, and Biloli tehsils of Nanded district; Ahmadpur, Parli, and Hingoli tehsils of Latur district. The color of this breed is uniform deep dark red, but variations from a dull red to almost brown are also found. Bulls, as a rule, are a shade darker than cows. The horns are evenly curved and medium-sized. This breed has 565 kg of milk yield per lactation.

red kandhari

Cow has average body length 109.3 cm, height at wither 121.7 cm and chest girth 149.8 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1,443 days, lactation length 274 days and inter-calving period 443 days.

Name of BullTag No.UIDDOBBreedDam No. / NameStd. M.Y. (Kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID
BAJRANGRK-537007664434412.12.17Red KandhariTambadi1720.14.5BantiNA