Conventional Semen Nimari Bulls

Nimari is a draft-purpose breed also known as Khargaon, Khargoni, Khurgoni. This breed originated from the crossing of Gir and Khillari. Gir blood has contributed to its coat color, massive body structure, and convexity of the forehead, and Khillari blood to its hardiness, agility, and temper. Named after place of its origin i.e. Nimar region. It is mainly found in the Central parts of Khargaon, Badwani districts, and very few in the bordering Dhar district and adjacent areas of Madhya Pradesh and adjoining districts of Maharashtra state as its breeding track. It is used for all agricultural works. It is Brownish red (Copper color) and white giving a spotted appearance (Chitkabri). The horns are usually emerging in a backward direction from the outer angles of the poll, somewhat in the same manner as in Gir cattle, turning upward, outward, and finally inward.

Massive body structure, typical red color with large splashes of white, and bulging forehead are the prominent characteristics. This breed has 400 Kg of average milk production per lactation. Cow has average body length 113.4 cm, height at wither 113.9 cm and chest girth 148.3 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1,400 days, lactation length 240 days and inter-calving period 500 days.

Name of BullTag No.UIDDOBBreedDam No. / NameStd. M.Y. (Kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID