Conventional Semen HF 100% Bulls

It is a milk purpose breed that originated Northern provinces of North Holland and the West Friesland of the Netherlands. The color is generally become mixed with black and white. It is a originally very big size animal with a nourished body having a straight line from shoulder to tail. The udder and teats are large. Legs are straight and heavy build body. The animals of this breed are known as the world’s highest-production dairy animals. The Holstein-Friesian is the most widespread cattle breed in the world and popularity known as HF. Typically, a mature cow weights between 650 and 750 kg and a healthy calf weight between 40 and 50 kg at birth. The Holstein Friesian cattle are extremely hardy and strong animals. They can adapt themselves to a wide variety of agro-climatic conditions. That’s why they are available throughout the world in more than 150 countries.

The breed is very popular mainly for their high milk production. A cow on average can produce more than 10,000 kg of milk per year in a mature lactation. Their milk is of pretty good quality containing 3.7 percent of butterfat content and about 3.1 percent protein. Generally, breeders plan for Holstein heifers to calve for the first time between 21 and 24 months of age. Good behaviour and temperament, known for their hardiness and their ability to convert grass into milk efficiently, able to adapt a wide variety of climates, very good for milk production, milk is of pretty good quality.

Name of Bull Tag No.UIDBirth DateDam No. / NameDams Std. M. Y. (Kg)Fat%SireSires Dam Best M.Y. (Kg)INAPH ID
ABHIRAJ (ET)P-31116.06.12Raunn Magna Echo ET167684Glenn Ann Palermo ET15470BAF-ABHIRAJ
AYUSH (ET)Q-30737001136784716.09.13Raunn Magna Echo ET 167684Ralma Gold Crown-ET11008BAF-AYUSH
ATHARV (ET)Q-30537004456894723.05.13Raunn Magna Echo ET 167684Ralma Gold Crown-ET11008BAF-ATHARV
AMLA (ET)R-30237001136955810.01.14Ruann Dane Molly 30984146274Glenn Ann Palermo ET15470BAF-AMLA
AVISKAR (ET)P-31612.10.12Raunn JusticeTauna ET139643.6Glenn Ann Palermo ET15470BAF-AVISKAR
ALOKDE140476093037001136993530.04.14DE035358954312473 (1st)4.33DE0537116129GEBV +2363BAF-ALOK
APPLEDE035747956537001136794026.08.14DE076959378511047 (1st)4.01CA107559777GEBV +1069BAF-APPLE
AKIBDE140456138437004457376319.03.14DE14038 8914210697 (1st)3.73DE0354420210GEBV +2128BAF-AKIB
ARJAVDE126687278728.07.14DE126090544610492 (1st)3.62DE0769844762GEBV +2249BAF-ARJAV
ARPITDE035704887637004457288410.02.14DE035533812210009 (1st)4.41US69981346GEBV +2391BAF-ARPIT
ABRAHAM (ET) T-30437000728425114.06.16La presentation Sadira96814.4Gen-I-Beq HalakDtr. Av. 11214BAF-ABRAHAM
AWAZDE035673752737001136790508.07.14DE03498045139665 (1st)4.51DE0355182906GEBV +791BAF-AWAZ
ASHIRWAD (ET)O-31037001136592109.10.11D-21291685.43RoseoJocDtr. Av. 11312BAF-ASHIRWAD
AVI*DE127143238837001136797309.08.14DE12621754869102 (1st)4.13DK02371402371GEBV +1530BAF-AVI
AKHILESH P-31737001136799528.12.12K-2167763 (1st)4.5Oroby Royal Emperor 11607BAF-AKHILESH
ALBUMS-31737004457041111.11.15K-2167763 (1st)4.5Bidlea Emperor’s Rawanson8755/ 4.17BAF-ALBUM
AGREES-30837004456994130.07.15O-2057016 (1st)3.55Dalton Saturn7229BAF-AGREE
APRUPQ-30637001136783607.09.13M-2157009 (1st)3.6Maple Heather Rockman Lad10291BAF-APRUP
ANUKULS-30337004457101504.03.15P-2057276 (1st)3.5Dalton Saturn7229BAF-ANUKUL
T-30937000728432013.11.16La presentation Blondie113973.90Fleury MathysDtr. av.10875BAF-ADINATH
AUTHORS-30937004457022703.08.15O-2027787.33.76Wynwares Alexander6198BAF-AUTHOR
T-31137000728436417.12.16La Presentation Deloris133643.70Crack holm Fever15287BAF-AQUA
AGNIDEV (ET)T-31037000728428418.11.16La Presentation Sandia 122303.9Crack Holm Fever15287BAF-AGNIDEV
AARUSHU-32237004457123220.11.17La Presentation Kiana-Et135993.50Crack Holm Fever15287BAF-AARUSH
AMENDRA4013822047334013822047312.01.17Bergeroy Shottle Manday106303.6Marbri FacebookDtr Av.12263 BAF-AMENDRA
ARMANV-30137004457140307.01.18La Presentation Mablelle-ET9604 (1st)3.7Marbri FacebookDtr Av.12263 BAF-ARMAN
ANGRAJU-32534004457125426.11.17MS ELLYN-ET (USA-13715495115552 (1ST)4.4Mount field Ssi Dcy Mogul ETDtr Av.13807.35BAF-ANGRAJ
ADMINU-31637000728451321.10.17La Presentation Solea P108193.6Marbri FacebookDtr Av.12263 BAF-ADMIN
ARUNDU-31737004457119623.10.17Morning View Goldwyn Lena Et 136043.6Mount field Ssi Dcy Mogul-ETDtr Av.13807.35BAF-ARUND
AKASHDIPU-31837004457120828.10.17MS LENARA-ET 201014.6Mount field Ssi Dcy Mogul-ETDtr Av.13807.35BAF-AKASHDIP
U-31537004457117419.10.17Morning View Goldwyn Lena Et 13604 (1st)3.6Mount field Ssi Dcy Mogul-ETDtr Av.13807.35BAF-ALGAD
ALIBABAU-30237004457107212.03.17L-2055791 (1st)3.2RuskennNABAF-ALIBABA