Conventional Semen Banni Bulls

Banni is a milch breed also known as Kutchi and Kundi. It was named as per the local area of “Banni” in Kutch district. This breed is adapted to local climatic conditions and a traditional extensive system of night grazing. Kutch region of Gujrath is a breeding track of Banni buffalo, but now it is found in many states. It is mainly Black, sometimes Copper. The horns are Curved vertical and upward in direction with inverted double/ single coiling and medium to large, heavy with 24 to 30 cm diameter in adult animals. Banni Buffaloes has average body length 153 cm, height at wither 136 cm and chest girth 205 cm. The average age at first calving recorded as 1200 days, lactation length 290 days and inter-calving period 420 days. This breed has an average of 2200 kg of milk production per lactation.

Bull NameBreedBull No.UIDBirth DateDam No. / NameDam’s Std. M. Y. (kg)Fat%SireINAPH ID