Osmanabadi Breed

Osmanabadi breed derived its name after the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. Ahmednagar, Solapur, Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra are breeding tracts of this breed. The breed is predominantly black. White color is noticed only on ears and some spots on neck and forehead. Some animals are reddish. The horns are straight/ curved and small in size (about 13 cm) running backward, upward, and downward. Five types of animals are available in this breed: 1. Entirely black with horns. 2. Entirely black with white ears and horns. 3. Entirely black and polled. 4. Entirely black, white ears and polled. 5. Brown and white patches from the face to the lower side of the body. The breed is known for early maturity, prolificacy, and good dressing percentage. This breed is averagely 33.66 Kg in weight.

Name of Buck Tag No.Date of birthBreedPeculiaritySource of buck
OJAPATI [GT]6221620-Jul-2017Osmanabadi TripletsFarmer
6221317-Jun-2017Osmanabadi TripletsFarmer
OMAN-GT6221423-Jun-2017Osmanabadi TripletsFarmer
OMEED [GT]6221510-Jun-2017Osmanabadi TripletsFarmer
OMKARA [GT]6221103-May-2017Osmanabadi TripletsFarmer
6221709-Apr-2017Osmanabadi TripletsFarmer
6221210-Jul-2017Osmanabadi TripletsFarmer