Jamnapari Breed

This breed is a dual-purpose breed also known as Etawah. The breed is named after the natural habitat around river Yamuna. Chakarnagar area of Etawah. district of Uttar Pradesh is its breeding track. This breed is white with patches of tan mostly on the head and neck. The horns are small, sword-shaped running backward and upward. The face of this breed is large and convex having a tuft of hairs. The ears are long (about 30cm) flat and drooping. The breed is known to be the best dairy goat in South East Asia and is the tallest goat breed in the country. The average weight of this breed is 44.66 and has 201.96 kg of milk yield per lactation.

Name of Buck Tag No.Date of birthBreedPeculiaritySource of buck
JAGWAR [GT]J-952004-May-2018Jamnapari TripletsCIRG, Makkdhum (UP)
JAWAN [GT]J-955702-May-2018Jamnapari TripletsCIRG, Makkdhum (UP)
JABBAR [GT]J-958215-May-2019Jamnapari TripletsFarmer
JAGAN [GT]J-955207-Jun-2018Jamnapari TripletsFarmer