Sangamneri is a dual-purpose breed and derived its name from its habitat i.e. Sangamner town of Ahmed Nagar district of Maharashtra. Nashik, Ahmednagar, Pune districts of Maharashtra are breeding tracts of this breed. It is generally white. White mixed with Black and Brown are also seen. The horns are thinly pointed, directed backward and upward. The average length is 12.71cm in females and 19.44cm in males. The hair coat is extensively coarse and short. This breed has an average body of 39.1 kg and 77.4 kg of milk yield per lactation.

Name of BuckTag No.Date of birthBreedPeculiaritySource of buck
SAWAN [GT]6220724-Nov-2017Sangamneri TripletsFarmer
SHAKTI [GT]6221015-Dec-2017Sangamneri TripletsFarmer
SUSHIL [GT]6220821-Nov-2017Sangamneri TripletsFarmer
SWARAJ [GT]6220927-Dec-2017Sangamneri TripletsFarmer