Black Bengal Breed

Black Bengal is also known as Bengal, Desi. The breed derived its name from its native habitat -the West Bengal state of India. The breed is distributed throughout West Bengal and adjoining parts of neighbouring states viz. Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam, and Tripura. Skins of this breed are of excellent quality and are highly-priced. The breed is predominantly black, brown, grey, and white are also found. The horns are small in size (<15), directed upward and sometimes backward. Small-legged goat, hair coat is short and lustrous, nose line is slightly depressed are distinguishable characters in this breed. The average body weight of this breed is 32.37 kg.

Name of Buck Tag No.Date of birthBreedPeculiaritySource of buck
BADAL [GT]6219105-Mar-2018Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BADSHA [GT]6222705-Apr-2017Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BAHAR [GT]6219403-Mar-2018Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BALI [GT]6222306-Jun-2017Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BANSHI [GT]6218803-Mar-2018Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BHVAN [GT]6219709-Mar-2018Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BHAVIK [GT]6218705-Feb-2018Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BHIM [GT]6222503-Apr-2017Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BHUPAL [GT]6219301-Apr-2018Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BHUSHAN [GT]6222110-May-2017Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BALAJI [GT]05713-Jun-2020Black Bengal TripletsFarmer
BALDEV [GT]05513-Jun-2020Black BengalTripletsFarmer
BALVAN [GT]05618-Jun-2020Black BengalTripletsFarmer
BANBHATT [GT]05429-Jun-2020Black BengalTripletsFarmer
BHARGAV [GT]05314-Jun-2020Black BengalTripletsFarmer
BRIJESH[GT]116412-July-2023Black BengalTripletsFarmer
BHAGWAN[GT]116908-May-2023Black BengalTripletsFarmer